Faroe Islands Weddings

Oh la la having a wedding in the Faroe Islands…   Pretty sure this destination wedding location pulls at our very own heart strings.  Although it may not be chalk-full of crazy adventures as some of the other Nordic countries offer, it is one that is uber dreamy.


Because it feels like you are the only ones in the world!  The land feels unexplored and unencumbered… who wouldn’t want that feeling for their whimsical wedding or elaborate elopement?!

Having a Faroe Islands wedding could mean exploring dynamic cliff-lines, getting lost in the colorful boats of a quaint fishing village, or having your ceremony in an old stone cathedral!  We would love to help you design an unforgettable Faroe Islands wedding day adventure!

Please contact us for more details on making that happen!

With a smile, Ann (Nordic Wedding Planner + Photographer)

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