2015 List of Top Nordic Wedding Hotels: Iceland Honeymoon House

Clients, Friends, and Fans, Happy Holidays!

I hope the last several weeks have been fun for you exploring the 2015 list of our Top 5 Adventure Wedding Hotels and they have inspired you to push your travel boundaries!  In case you missed them, they were in order as follows:

Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa (Estonia)

Ammende Villa (Estonia)

Baltic Beach Hotel & Spa (Latvia)

Nordic Hotel Forum (Estonia)

Hotel Føroyar (Faroe Islands)

Today, I am bringing you a brilliant bonus feature!  Like hands down the most ideal private cabin I have ever stayed in!  …and guess where that cabin is located?  ICELAND!  If you’re in the market to book the most romantic location for your honeymoon or an Iceland elopement location, I would urge you to consider Kristinn Arnason’s homes in Hafnarskogur (cabin/house) and Akureyri (apartment).

Barely a 1 hour drive from the bustling city of Reykjavik sits a quite secluded cabin I had the pleasure of staying in for 3 nights.  It felt like “home” as soon as I pulled in and looked down the hill at the house.  Falling in line with the traditional Icelandic wooden house design, you’ll find the house exterior is black (in the old days tar was used), a vibrant red door, and landscape accented by sod elements.  Beautiful, just beautiful and 100% connected to nature being only a few steps away.  Then it snowed and somehow made the outside of the house even MORE stunning as you’ll find from my photos below!

Your car stays up at the top of the hill and you have a fun little walk of excitement down a slight hill to the house.  The area feels private and very secure.  As you look around you’ll notice you have a 360 view of the colorful fjord, town of Borganes across the fjord, and a tall mountain across the street.  Pretty perfect if you ask me!  Ah, but perfection continues and increases as you enter into the house!  The décor has been professionally designed by the owner’s fabulous wife Rut Karadottir. It shows, as none of us could eloquently design such a dazzling design that belongs in an issue of Town & Country Magazine.  It boasts warmth, every room is inviting and beckons you to sit and stay a while, and conveys endless amounts of country sophistication.  You’ll leave wanting this same setup in your own home, or at least I did!  But, you be your own judge as you book a few nights here!

So why am I boasting this location as a sweet little spot to elope in Iceland too?  The deck outside offers a perfect spot to exchange vows with the fjords behind and you are then minutes from some of Iceland’s adventure spots such as the following:

  • Glymur Waterfall (30 minutes)
  • Iceland’s Western Highlands (30 minutes)
  • Borganes (5 minutes away – Grocery Store, one of my favorite bakeries, and fuel stations)
  • Langjokull Glacier (30 minutes) –Inside the Glacier Experience (open year round as of 2015).
  • Whale Fjords (30 minutes)
  • Hot Springs (Fontana / Fludir: 30-90 minutes)
  • Downtown Reykjavik (1 hour)
  • Snaefellsness Penninsula (1 hour)
  • Iceland’s famed Golden Circle (90 minutes)

As you tour the country, also keep in mind Kristinn’s other location in Northern Iceland in the awesome city of Akureyri.  The photos of the Akureyri apartment are intermingled in this post as well for your enjoyment!  What I adored the most about the locations is that they were made for couples by a couple!  They have taken the utmost consideration into the amenities to ensure whether you’ve come for your… Iceland wedding, Iceland Elopement, Iceland Anniversary, Iceland Honeymoon, planning to propose in Iceland, or just a romantic getaway in Iceland they have your needs met by ensuring their locations have the following available for you:

  • Perfectly placed locations.
  • Wifi throughout the homes.
  • Parking onsite.
  • All linens (sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, slippers, and even robes)
  • Fully equipped kitchens to cook whatever your heart desires (fridge, oven, dishwasher, pots/pans, utensils, plates, glasses, basic cooking needs like seasonings and more).
  • Exquisite bathrooms that even have a tub big enough for 2!
  • Toiletries (all the basics plus a full size hairdryer, yeah!)
  • Stunning master bedroom with a queen bed.
  • Dinning and sitting areas.

If staying in the cabin as we did, you’ll find a fun little upstairs that features an open air sitting and/or entertainment area where you can watch the TV or read a book with a fabulous view to the fjord or to the below living and dining room.  Next to this space is a bonus bedroom that has 2 twin beds so this space would be perfect if you are a family of 4 or have a friend or two joining you on your Iceland wedding adventure!

For these dreamy romantic accommodations, please contact:

Stay tuned next week for our final post for 2015!  We’ll be doing a year in review and you won’t want to miss it as we have super exciting news!

With a smile, Ann Peters (Iceland Adventure Wedding Photographer and Planner)

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Win a Nordic Elopement Package!

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Such amazing news to share with you!  We have partnered with several of the industry’s best for a once in a lifetime contest to win a $15,000 Nordic Elopement!  See more here on our hosts website:Brides Without Borders!

Our sister company, Photos by Miss Ann  is also playing a huge part in it and so are we (Nordic Wedding Planner)!  So if you want to romantically elope somewhere adventure is endless you may want to consider these unforgettable destination wedding locations…

We hope to see your adventurous wedding entry soon!

With a smile, Ann Peters (Nordic Wedding Planner + Photographer)

Nordic Destination Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Hello Clients, Friends, and Fans!

One part many couples overlook when planning their Nordic destination wedding is a creative statement to put inside of their wedding rings.  It’s important to choose a statement that you’ll not only remember, but one that is so special to you both you cannot help but swoon and smile over.  So whether you’re planning…

Here are several ideas that may help you begin your brainstorming ideas!  So take a date night and discuss!

Getting Married in Denmark (Language Danish):

  • ” Kærlighed” = Love in Danish
  • ” Jeg elsker dig” = I love you in Danish
  • “Altid ”  =  Always in Danish
  • “Eventyr” = Adventure in Danish
  • “Biggest Adventure Yet”
  • Initials of you both & Denmark
  • “To Denmark With Love”
  • “Jeg vælger dig” = I Choose You in Danish
  • Initials – Denmark – Wedding Date
  • GPS Coordinates of the location your holding your Denmark wedding ceremony.

Getting Married in Finland (Language Finnish):

  • ” Rakkaus” = Love in Finnish
  • “Rakastan Sinua” = I love you in Finnish
  • “Aina”  =  Always in Finnish
  • “Seikkailu” = Adventure in Finnish
  • “Love & Adventure”
  • “Biggest Adventure Yet”
  • Initials of you both & Finland
  • “To Finland With Love”
  • “Minä Valitsen Sinut” = I Choose You in Finnish
  • Initials – Finland – Wedding Date
  • GPS Coordinates of the location your holding your Finland wedding ceremony.

Getting Married in Greenland (Language: Eskimo-Aleut):

  • “Txin Yaxtakuq” = I love you in Eskimo–Aleut
  • “Biggest Adventure Yet”
  • “Love & Adventure”
  • “Married in the Arctic Circle”
  • Initials of you both & Greenland
  • “To Greenland With Love”
  • Initials – Greenland – Wedding Date
  • GPS Coordinates of the location you’re holding your Greenland wedding ceremony.

Getting Married in Iceland (Language Icelandic):

  • “Elska” = Love in Icelandic
  • “Eilífu” = Forever in Icelandic
  • “ég elska þig” = I love you in Icelandic
  • “Alltaf”  =  Always in Icelandic
  • “Adventure”
  • “Fire + Ice”
  • “Biggest Adventure Yet”
  • Initials of you both & Iceland
  • “To Iceland With Love”
  • “Ég vel þig” = I Choose You in Icelandic
  • Initials – Iceland – Wedding Date
  • GPS Coordinates of the location your holding your Iceland wedding ceremony.

Getting Married in Norway (Language Norwegian):

  • “Elske” = Love in Norwegian
  • “Jeg Elsker Deg ” = I love you in Norwegian
  • “Alltid ”  =  Always in Norwegian
  • “Love & Adventure”
  • “Biggest Adventure Yet”
  • Initials of you both & Norway
  • “To Finland With Love”
  • “Jeg Velger Du” = I Choose You in Norwegian
  • Initials – Norway – Wedding Date
  • GPS Coordinates of the location your holding your Norway wedding ceremony.

Getting Married in Sweden (Language Swedish):

  • “Kärlek ” = Love in Swedish
  • “Jag älskar dig” = I love you in Swedish
  • “Alltid ”  =  Always in Swedish
  • “Äventyr ” = Adventure in Swedish
  • “Love & Adventure”
  • “Biggest Adventure Yet”
  • Initials of you both & Sweden
  • “To Finland With Love”
  • “Jag Väljer Dig ” = I Choose You in Swedish
  • Initials – Sweden – Wedding Date
  • GPS Coordinates of the location your holding your Sweden wedding ceremony.

We hope that today this post has stirred up some awesome ideas for you to consider for your Nordic wedding rings!

With a smile, Ann Peters (Nordic Wedding Photographer and Planner)

Iceland Weddings

Deciding to blissfully elope or hold your romantic wedding in Iceland is an unforgettable decision for you and all involved!  In choosing Iceland, you have signed up for the biggest adventure of your lives!  Seriously!

Nowhere else can you see an endless list of natural wonders all in the same day like…

  • Glacier Lagoons
  • Fairy-tale Waterfalls
  • Moss Covered Lava Fields
  • Basalt rocks protruding from the Sea
  • Grass Covered Houses
  • Romantic Seaside Churches
  • Glaciers
  • Volcanoes
  • Super Secret Caves
  • Majestic Fjords

Frankly, the natural sights list for Iceland wedding locations is out of control and this tiny little list barely taps the surface!  Contact us for more information on planning and photographing your epically awesome Iceland wedding day adventure!

With a smile, Ann Peters (Nordic Wedding Planner and Photographer)

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Nordic Wedding Planning & Photography Packages

Nordic Countries offer unforgettable scenes

like nowhere else on the planet…

Places that exude adventure at every turn… Think: Powerful waterfalls, dynamic cliff lines, canyons, volcanoes, glaciers, iceberg lagoons, castles, enchanted old world cities, and endless amounts of epic scenes!  Doesn’t that sound like the BEST wedding destination EVER?  It is, trust me!

Be Different!  Escape the “typical” (and overdone) wedding day locales of warm/tropical and go somewhere slightly colder but incredibly unique!

At Nordic Wedding Planner, we turn your destination wedding plans into a epic adventure!  We start with a personal consultation where we begin the journey of getting to know the two of – your style, your stories, and adventure level.  Then we combine meticulous planning with impeccable attention to detail to design the wedding (or elopement) of your dreams.

Which really means what?  You =  Worry-free to relax and savor the most important day of your lives.  We offer all-inclusive packages that combine wedding planning and destination wedding photography.  Please contact us for more details!

With a smile, Ann Peters & Team

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