Sweden Destination Weddings

Sweden is a unique destination wedding location that just happens to have…

  • An Ice Hotel
  • Stone Churches
  • Glamorous Castles
  • Bustling historic downtown’s
  • Midnight Sun
  • Northern Lights
  • Dramatic Cliff-lines

All those options in one country, really?  YES!   Sweden is one of those meccas for cold weather and nature lovers. Holding a Swedish wedding or elopement gives you the best of all worlds from top to bottom!

​So how do you even begin to choose a wedding location for your destination wedding in Sweden?  Don’t fret, we’re excited to help you create the best Swedish wedding adventure ever! Contact us!

With a smile, Ann Peters (Sweden Wedding Planner and Photographer)

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Iceland Weddings

Deciding to blissfully elope or hold your romantic wedding in Iceland is an unforgettable decision for you and all involved!  In choosing Iceland, you have signed up for the biggest adventure of your lives!  Seriously!

Nowhere else can you see an endless list of natural wonders all in the same day like…

  • Glacier Lagoons
  • Fairy-tale Waterfalls
  • Moss Covered Lava Fields
  • Basalt rocks protruding from the Sea
  • Grass Covered Houses
  • Romantic Seaside Churches
  • Glaciers
  • Volcanoes
  • Super Secret Caves
  • Majestic Fjords

Frankly, the natural sights list for Iceland wedding locations is out of control and this tiny little list barely taps the surface!  Contact us for more information on planning and photographing your epically awesome Iceland wedding day adventure!

With a smile, Ann Peters (Nordic Wedding Planner and Photographer)

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Finland Weddings

Do you picture yourself getting married…

  • Inside enchanted woods?
  • A fortified fortress?
  •  An ornate cathedral?
  • Under the Northern Lights in an igloo village?

If so, Finland may be your Nordic destination wedding answer!

Finland, (which is often referred to as Lapland) is an Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) mecca in the wintertime!  What is more magical than getting married under the Northern Lights dancing above you as you say your wedding vows?

…I know, I’m drawing a blank too!

Contact us to discuss the dreamy possibilities of your destination wedding in Finland!

With a smile, Ann Peters (Finland Wedding Planner + Photographer)

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Faroe Islands Weddings

Oh la la having a wedding in the Faroe Islands…   Pretty sure this destination wedding location pulls at our very own heart strings.  Although it may not be chalk-full of crazy adventures as some of the other Nordic countries offer, it is one that is uber dreamy.


Because it feels like you are the only ones in the world!  The land feels unexplored and unencumbered… who wouldn’t want that feeling for their whimsical wedding or elaborate elopement?!

Having a Faroe Islands wedding could mean exploring dynamic cliff-lines, getting lost in the colorful boats of a quaint fishing village, or having your ceremony in an old stone cathedral!  We would love to help you design an unforgettable Faroe Islands wedding day adventure!

Please contact us for more details on making that happen!

With a smile, Ann (Nordic Wedding Planner + Photographer)

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Denmark Weddings

Hilsner (Greetings)!

​If you love the idea of getting married in an old castle, a historic town from 854 AD, in a super cute round church, a midst ruins on an island, or atop or at the base of romantic white cliffs…  Denmark (the mainland) is your answer!

Denmark as a destination wedding location bleeds history and serious old world charm!  It’s the kind of place you travel to and wonder why it took you so long to visit!

Walking throughout the streets you cannot help but bask in the unique architecture and swoon over the warm vibe the Danish people and places exude!  If you’re interested in planning a wedding in Denmark contact us to get that conversation started!

With a smile, Ann (Nordic Wedding Planner + Photographer)

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Nordic Wedding Planning & Photography Packages

Nordic Countries offer unforgettable scenes

like nowhere else on the planet…

Places that exude adventure at every turn… Think: Powerful waterfalls, dynamic cliff lines, canyons, volcanoes, glaciers, iceberg lagoons, castles, enchanted old world cities, and endless amounts of epic scenes!  Doesn’t that sound like the BEST wedding destination EVER?  It is, trust me!

Be Different!  Escape the “typical” (and overdone) wedding day locales of warm/tropical and go somewhere slightly colder but incredibly unique!

At Nordic Wedding Planner, we turn your destination wedding plans into a epic adventure!  We start with a personal consultation where we begin the journey of getting to know the two of – your style, your stories, and adventure level.  Then we combine meticulous planning with impeccable attention to detail to design the wedding (or elopement) of your dreams.

Which really means what?  You =  Worry-free to relax and savor the most important day of your lives.  We offer all-inclusive packages that combine wedding planning and destination wedding photography.  Please contact us for more details!

With a smile, Ann Peters & Team

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